Getting To Know The Different Types Of Glass for Car Windows

Nov 29, 2022

Did you know that there are different types of auto glass? And that each one has a specific purpose? For some reason, this is something many car owners ignore; however, it’s better to know about them before their replacement time comes

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the auto glass world and explain everything there is to know about the different types, their purposes, and their benefits. Continue reading!

Different Types Of Auto Glass

Front Windshield Auto Glass

The main purpose of the front windshield in a car is to shield its driver and passengers from wind, dust, and dirt insects while traveling. Some types have  UV coating, so the auto glass doesn’t melt when exposed to the sun rays. Also, these types of glass are designed to shatter into small pieces instead of large, dangerous shards in the event of an accident.

Back Windshield Auto Glass

Tempered glass is a special material used in most rear windshields. This protective sheet is stationary in many car models. In some cars, it can be opened up or slid sideways when needed for better airflow. This type of glass is also distinctive because it has a defrost grid that helps heat up and defrost the windshield.

Types Of Glass For Car Windows

Tempered Glass

Car owners prefer tempered glass because when it breaks it shatters into many small pieces,  reducing the chance of causing injuries in case of an accident. Tempered auto glasses can also withstand more force than regular window panes, making them perfect for protecting yourself inside your vehicle.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is much more durable and safer than regular fragile windshields. This type of window is made up of a thin layer of vinyl between two layers of glass, making them less likely to break or shatter..

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