Driving With a Cracked Windshield in Dallas,TX: What You Must Know

Jan 10, 2023

A crack in the windshield is considered a damage on the surface caused by extreme temperatures and bad weather. It’s a line in your windshield. Sometimes it might be a small line. Other times it is a long straight line with a starting and ending point. 

Cracks can impact your view and prevent you from seeing pedestrians, traffic signs and other cars. In this blog, we’ll answer your questions about driving with a cracked windshield in Texas and how important it’s to fix your windshield. Keep reading!

Texas And Crack Windshields 

Is It Illegal In Texas To Drive Without A Windshield?

It is not illegal to drive with a windshield in texas. Regardless, drivers can still get a ticket if they drive with their windshield cracked. This is considered a fit-it law, and it is common in Texas and other states. According to Texan law, you can get your ticket removed if you fix the crack in your windshield before the court date on your ticket and pay an administrative fee. 

Can You Pass Texas State Inspection With A Cracked Windshield?

Windshields are not items of the Texas state inspection, but windshield wipers are. Therefore, ensure your windshield crack does not affect the functionality of your wipers. You might fail your inspection if your windshield is damaged and if it severely affects your vision. 

Can You Drive With A Broken Windshield In Texas? 

Yes, you can drive with a broken windshield in Texas. Surprisingly, Texas law does not require drivers to have a windshield, but it’s illegal to drive without windshield wipers. If your car has windshields, you must have windshield wipers that effectively remove rain and moisture. 

Can Cops Pull You Over For A Cracked Windshield?

Cops can pull you over only if the characteristics of the lens interfere with the vision of the passenger

How Long Can I Wait To Fix A Cracked Windshield? 

You can wait days or months until you decide to repair your windshield. Although, it might not be safe for you to drive with a cracked windshield. If you ignore the crack, it will get bigger with time.

The Importance Of Protecting Yourself From A Cracked Windshield 

Keeping your windshield in good condition is key for your safety. Here are some reasons why repairing or replacing a cracked windshield is important: 

  • A cracked windshield reduces the structural integrity of your car, and it’s less likely for your windshield to stand even with the slightest impact. 
  • If your windshield doesn’t have structural integrity, you’re more likely to be injured in an accident. 
  • Your airbags might not function properly or even work during an accident. 
  • Driving with a damaged windshield can affect your sight, and it might jeopardize your life and the lives of others. 
  • The risk of being in an accident is higher. 

It’s best to put your safety in the hands of professionals and repair your windshield as fast as you can. Glass Leader Auto Glass is here to solve your auto glass repair issues. 

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