How Does Extreme Weather Impact Your Windshield?

Nov 29, 2022

Our cars are one of our most important possessions, and we rely on them to take us places. But they can also be vulnerable to different dangers, such as extreme weather conditions. One of the most vulnerable parts of your car during extreme weather is the windshield.

Most car owners aren’t aware of the impact temperature  has on windshields, which can lead to serious problems. In this article, we’ll go over how extreme weather conditions can affect windshields. So, if you’re a car owner and have been searching for ”windshield repair near me” this article is for you! Keep reading!

Why Does Weather Damage Windshields?

The windshield is made of laminated glass, two or more layers of glass with a plastic inner layer. This type of windshield is very strong, but extreme temperatures can damage it.

When exposed to high temperatures, the plastic inner layer can start to warp and cause it to crack or shatter. Windshields should be in good condition to protect us; if damaged, they won’t work properly.

How Can Extreme Weather Damage Your Windshield?

Cold Weather Conditions

The problem with winter is not only the colder temperatures at night but also the rapid changes in temperature during the day, which can cause damage such as freezing your car and windshield. When you turn on the heat in your car, all the windows may start to contract rapidly and create an intensely cold wind.

The temperature difference between the outside and the inside can be sudden and large. So your windshield’s delicate crystal clear surface might be vulnerable to scratches and chips. 

Hot Weather Conditions

The hot summer sun can be harmful to your car’s window. When you leave it in the shade or drive around with closed windows for too long, it increases its temperature and worsens stress.

Your windshield is constantly exposed to different kinds of light; if it gets too hot, the plastic layer can start to warp, affecting your outside vision and increasing the chances of having an accident.

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