How To Prevent Or Remove Windshield Scratches

Jun 28, 2022

Windshield scratches can occur for several reasons. They may be caused by flying debris, such as rocks or gravel kicked up by other vehicles. Or due to inappropriate cleaning methods. Regardless of the cause, windshield scratches can be unsightly and even dangerous if they obstruct your view while driving. For that reason, it’s crucial to remove them as soon as possible.

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How To Prevent Windshield Scratches

There are many ways you can prevent scratches on your car’s windshield. The easier one is to apply a transparent plastic film to it. This will act as a barrier between the glass and any debris that may come into contact with it. You can also avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials. Instead, opt for mild soaps and soft clothes.

How To Remove Windshield Scratches

Soap And Water

You can start by washing the area with soapy water and then using a soft cloth to buff the scratches. However, you must be careful not to press too hard or make the scratches worse.

Olive Oil Or Vaseline

Another home remedy is to rub olive oil or vaseline into the scratch. Then, use a soft cloth to buff it out. This method may take a few tries, but it sometimes works.

Glass Cleaner

You may need to use a polishing compound or glass cleaner with abrasive properties for deeper scratches. But first, do your research to ensure you’re using the right product for your specific type of windshield.

Professional Help

Despite the other alternatives being cheaper, they’ll never be as efficient as professional help. The best way to remove windshield scratches is by taking your car to a mobile auto glass repair company or auto glass repair shop. They will have the right tools and products to remove the scratches quickly and safely.

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