Steps On How To Fix A Crack On Your Windshield

Jan 10, 2023

When we think about our safety, we generally think about seat belts and airbags, but what about windshields? Are they truly an essential element to our safety? The answer is yes. Windshields are a safety cover that protects us from external objects and weather conditions.  Therefore, it’s a must to always keep our windshield in good conditions. This article will share the basic steps on how to get your cracked windshield repaired. Read on to learn more.

Steps To Repair A Crack In Your Windshield 

Getting your windshield repair require the following steps:

Step 1: Purchase A Windshield Repair Kit

Go to a car store and get a windshield repair kit. Make sure the Epoxy resin located on your kit doesn’t expire as they have an expiration date. 

Step 2: Clean Your Windshield

You need to make sure your windshield is as dry and clean as possible before you get started using your kit. It’s recommended to use a small amount of alcohol on cloth and avoid spraying glass cleaner onto the crack. Last but not least, wipe the surface. 

It might be possible that the epoxy resin in your kit requires UV light, so make sure your car gets proper daylight for it to work.

Step 3: Follow Your Kit’s Instructions

As a final step, you need to follow your kit’s direction closely. Common types of repair kits only contain a few pieces. The majority of kits include a patch that is applied on your chip or crack and a syringe. 

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The Danger Of Driving With A Cracked Windshield


Your windshield is not just a big glass window, but a crucial part of your car´s integrity. During an accident, having a crack in your windshield can have many consequences such as: 

  • It can affect your car’s structure. 
  • You won’t have stable support. 
  • It causes severe head and body injuries.
  • It can affect your visibility when driving.

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